Covid-19 Risk Assessment 

There is a risk involved in any close contact business where a 2-metre distance is not possible.

We have put together this Covid-19 risk assessment to inform you of everything you need to know about Covid-19 and how Mobile Massage Therapy has adapted our service to fit with the current guidelines.

New measures must be put in place to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and keeping our clients safe.

For the latest information in regards to close contact business guidelines set out by the government please click here

What are the hazards?

Me, the therapist

Who might be harmed and how?

My clients, their family members who may be vulnerable. If the correct measures are not followed.

High risk clients

Age – The virus seems to have a bigger impact on people who are older.
Gender – has a bigger impact on males than females
Ethnicity – seems to have a bigger impact on people from some ethnicities
Health – has a bigger impact if you already have other pre-existing health conditions.

When is the action needed by?

Immediately 01/08/20

What are you already doing to
control the risks?

  • Identified what the risks are and who is most vulnerable in this Covid-19 risk assessment
  • Identified who may be at higher risk of problems if they contracted the virus.
  • Where possible working outside to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Advising any individuals who think they may be high risk to check with the doctor before booking and, where possible provide a doctor’s note declaring that they are fit to have a treatment.
  • Sending a full online consultation to the client to limit face to face exposure. Collecting basic track and trace information in case they or I come into contact with Covid-19. For more information on what to expect in your first session click on this link

Hygiene & PPE 


  • Washing all towels and linen with Dettol laundry detergent to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • Ensuring every surface that the client touches is cleaned or changed between clients.
  • Plastic, sealable containers for laundry used
  • Cleaning massage table with a bleach solution after the session and antibacterial wipes between clients.
  • Washing hands more often.
  • Encouraging clients to wash their hands.
  • Wearing face shield & mask.
  • Providing each client with a mask.
  • Asking the client to ventilate the room 1 hour before my arrival at the property.


What further action do you need to take to control the risks?

Continue to take the steps already put in place, review weekly if anything needs to be adjusted and change accordingly. Keep up to date with government guidelines here

Who needs to carry out the action?

Me the therapist.

Full list of questions in the consultation form

To view and complete this form please click here

Please make sure the room is well ventilated an hour before the first appointment. Please also ensure that we have a separate space to work in with enough room for the massage table and space to work around it. 

Basic Covid -19 (Track & Trace)

First Name 

Last NameDate

Contact number


Have you or any of your group developed symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

Client Information

Which areas would you like me to work on?

Which type of massage would you like?

Do you have any medical conditions that may be useful for me to know about? If so please give details

Any recent surgery or broken bones? Please give details below

Do you have any skin conditions, allergies, or sensitive skin? If so please give details

Is there anything else that would be useful for me to know before the session.