Your First Session

Meet & Greet

We will arrive 15 mins before the appointment to set up ready for your massage. We start with a chat about you, your medical history and any questions that you may have so that we can give you the best treatment possible.

Before We Start

Once we have discussed the Massage plan, your therapist will explain how they would like you to lie on the table and what clothes / jewellery to take off while they leave the room for a few moments to give you some privacy.

Oils and Draping

You will be draped with a sheet during the treatment and your therapist will only uncover the areas which you have asked to be worked on. Please say if you have any skin allergies. You can choose from our range of five Silvan massage oils.

What to Expect

Various techniques may be used, from soft & relaxing to deep tissue work, stretches, joint mobilisations, & percussive strokes to relax, release & unwind the tissues of the body. You will receive an online consultation where you can select from our list of treatments.

Checking In

It’s important that the therapist & client communicate in the session. Massage is not something that should just be done to someone.

If you would like more or less pressure please ask, but they will check if the pressure is alright occasionally.

After the Massage

When the session is over your therapist will give you a few moments of peace to appreciate the benefits of the treatment.

Please try to arrange for your treatment at a time when you can relax afterwards to get the most out of your session.


After Care

Wherever possible we give clients advice as to appropriate after care. This may be  advice on stretches, a practitioner recommendation, or maybe advice just to rest well and drink plenty of water.

Silvan massage & body oils


Silvan Skincare blend their products in small batches using a range of plant based, seed & nut oils including arnica, sesame & rosehip together with quality essential oils.

All their products are cruelty free, vegan, ethically sourced and handmade in Wales.

These ingredients have been carefully selected to create this range of five different therapeutic blends of massage and body oils.